The “Best” of 2022....
Yes it's that time of the year again.
Here I have assembled three rolls of the "Best" photos taken during 2022, that’s the most clicked on within my 2022’s "New Work"
in the three categories of Londoners, Americans & ExtraDark+More Light.
I have an app that can work all these stats out for me taking into account the time the photos have been on show here.
Remember this is your selection not mine and BTW they are displayed in alphabetical order not by popularity.
Try the slideshow videos first then you can go back through the roll as I'm sure/hope there will be some photos you will want to look at again at your own pace.

As always I look forward to your feedback on the selections.
"Best" of Londoners'22"Best" of Americans'22"Best" of ExtraDark+MoreLight'22