Londoners 2022 Gallery

I live in London, I was born in London, I simply love London.
As I see it this city is the best place to be.
As I like to travel too and post work from wherever I visit I have created this separate space within my 2022 New Work area just for photos of Londoners going about their lives in '22.
OK maybe some of the folk in the photos are tourists or visitors, well they are here in London so as far as I'm concerned they are Londoners be it only for the day....
I have divided the photos into rolls of film, aka 36 per roll, so they are easier to view.
I suggest you click on the slideshow option within the roll first, let that run and then go back through the roll as I'm sure/hope there will be some photos you will want to look at again at your own pace.

I'll keep adding rolls as the year progresses.
Londoners'22 Vol.10Londoners'22 Vol.9Londoners'22 Vol.8Londoners'22 Vol.7Londoners'22 Vol.6Londoners'22 Vol.5Londoners'22 Vol.4Londoners'22 Vol.3Londoners'22 Vol.2Londoners'22 Vol.1Saturday Night Specials