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I first visited Trapani in Sicily some 6 years ago and it was photographing the processions then that got me interested, my wife would say "addicted", to street photography.
Here are 24 in black & white taken in April'15.
There are more sets here on my site taken on the same visit, some in colour, all different, please take a look at them all.
Slideshow music: Charles by Beanfield.
Ready?What Offer?Lift....NowLittle MarchersPlease Not Now MamaWhere's Mum???Boy BandRight Behind YouThe GruppoThe Wind SectionI'm Not AloneOK Slowly Does ItThe Band Goes PastPillow MarchingMusical SunniesPausa Caffè360 ReflectionAnd Here We Go AgainThe Big Band SoundAnd All Together