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Bangkok, a mega city forsure. I had around 72 hours in this wonderful city just as the COVID-19 craziness got really going in Mid March.
There are 2 rolls here from this visit so please make sure you check out both.

Also on this trip I visited Singapore. There is a roll taken there here on my site too, so please take a look.
I got home to London with 24 hours to spare before our lockdown started so I have no idea when my next trip will be.
So watch this space.......
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Ramin Djawadi's Dissolved Girl
On The StreetLooking DownTrain To Where?Table For OneUp AboveJust Pick OneNo It's That WaySweet ShopHalf PriceOn A BreakLight At The EndArt For Art's SakeTaking 40 WinksHere He ComesNight Time SoccerBenchedShadeHow's My Hair?Nice DressChecking In