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The Subway is a set of 12 photos taken on, you’ve guessed it, the subway in New York City.
New Yorkers, like Londoners, are too busy getting on with their lives to care much about a bloke taken photos on front of them so it's one of my favourite places to work. This set is part of a larger group of photos I took in New York City in May'12. Please take a look at the other new NYC sets.
The music for the slide show is Feathered Up by Bullitnuts. I've used music by Bullitnuts for all of these latest NYC sets for three reasons, to help link the different sets, because of the band's links to New York, actually they are from Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire..... and.... well I just like their music......
Going HomeChilling OutWaitingLove The Hat, Glasses Not So MuchCommuting While AsleepTo A & C TrainsDown LowOn At Bryant ParkPacific StreetA Blue CommuterGoing To The BronxSweeping...Not