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This is the 4th Biker Week set. A few miles from Daytona Beach at The Cabbage Patch and during Biker Week there is, for one day only, “Ladies” Coleslaw Wrestling.
You’re right they aren't Ladies but it's sure fun to watch the wrestling along with all the other sideshows and of course, bars.
Please if this is the first time you are looking at these photos rather than viewing them individually try clicking on the slideshow button, sitting back and, I hope, you will enjoy the “spectacle”……..
The music for this set is No Bottom by Little Axe.
Now Where DId I Leave It?Cooling OffRide OnNow Let Me Introduce...MovementHaving A Cold One Or TwoRaise Your Hand Now If.....Well Look At ThatGotya...Shower TimeHey You Missed My MouthWe Want More