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A roll taken with my circa 1970's Leica CL but using modern Ilford 400 print film. Although I noticed after I had loaded it the film was out of date.....
OK it's a roll of 36 and there are only 24 here........You gotta allow a guy a few out-takes...
These were taken very late '14 through into Jan'15 and I feel they work better in the "New Stuff" area rather than in 2014's catalogue.
Slideshow music:
Ian Brown's Can't See Me, the Harvey Invisible Mix (Edited)
At 55 Baker StreetSo Where Are They?Coffee TimeMr's Wrap, Toasty & BaguetteGetting The Low DownLunch TimeSuper SupperOutside OrreryChattingHank YuTwo LattesWhen Will That Bus Come?Mercs In The SunSmile and SnapWell Hello ThereSmokeIn & OutDouble BubblesJust Scooting ByHair Cutting Not Needed