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It is the age of the smartphone I know and it appears to me everyone is using one all the time. OK I admit I'm old but that's just how I see it. Also the activity it appears used lest is talking to someone. I feel folk use their phones to be somewhere else, either with others or experiencing something somewhere different and I wonder if whilst immersed in their smartphones they are missing the here and now. But as I said... I'm old.
Saying all that the smartphone addiction does help me to photograph these folk without them noticing. So there's an upside after all.
Slideshow music:
Strata Florida by Dave Dark & The Sharks.
Oh! Yes I Know....And Then She Said....Just Get In LineI Want This Much!OK I'm On The 13th FloorCumfy ChatBut I Am Talking To YouI'm Watching YouI Can't See ItI Feel The Same, No I Do....Cafe ChatFrom Me To YouI'm On The CornerYes It's Raining Here TooIt's No Smoking Here12~I've Got LunchJust Killing TimeCola & TextCan I Order For You?Paperazzi Again....