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Miami February'12 using my nearly 40 year old Leica CL with some Fuji and Ilford film. I have slipped in a few taken with my beloved M9 but I used P/Shop and the Exposer 4 plug-in to match them to the scanned film. Let me know if you spot the M9 shots in the set. I was able to use all my M fitting lenses with the CL so it was great fun but I will admit hard work using film again. The music for the slideshow is Chicken Chiefly by Baby Mammoth, it has the right feel for this set, IMO.
Step ForwardLuggage WaitGoing UpBuy Or Sell ?It's Black & WhiteJust Walking ByOn The BoardwalkA Shady SpotHangoverIt's Wash TimeStraight WalkingThree GuysWalking PassedStrolling AlongGot Nothing To Do816Out WalkingThe Men's RoomCoffee TimeLooking Up