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Four like minded photographers meet at 11am and just walk around the South Bank area of London chatting and snapping 'till about 6pm. This is my "Roll", AKA 24, taken that day, Thursday 12th July'12. OK so we did visit the odd pub as well but that was after the snapping.
Music for the slide show is Bright of Benin by Lundy's Lounge.
On His BikeThe Way To AlaskaHop Skip And A...He Went That WayTwo In BlackWatching The EyeGone Passed The Green ColumnGiraffeBig GuyFlight to LondonTo The StepsTexting For TwoIn The StairwellIt's This WayLooking DownAre We There Yet ???Poetry in MotionNo Parking DogsGoing SomewhereWatch What You Read