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The Streets of San Francisco was a Cop show on TV back in the '70's, we got it in Britain in the early '80's. This roll, aka 24, has nothing to do with the show except the photos were all taken in San Francisco and I think the title is a good description for the set. The China Town area of the city is the largest outside of Asia and I remember in the TV series it was often used as a background to a story as back then it gave an “exotic” feel to the show. Nowadays San Fran is a multicultural city like many but still there is a different feel within the down town area to most other North America towns. Also there is a European look to parts of the city which is another point of difference. All in all it's a great city to visit, I was there in May'12 for three days.
The music for the slide show is Slow Light by Fila Brazillia.
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