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This is a roll, AKA 36, of Black & White taken during Biker Week at Daytona Beach in March’13.
This is a true slice of “Americana”…. and you couldn't make it up…..
Slideshow music:
Anders Osborne's Mind Of A Junkie (Edit). The album was playing in some of the bars whilst I was there. I was in the bars purely for photographic research purposes of course.....
Father Christmas On VacationCan't Talk...EatingCheersDirty HarryFull MoonHave No FearHead Camera... Biker StyleIt's A Broken SpokeIt's That WayJo Jo'sJust WatchingLet's Do LunchMake In The U.S.AMr & Mrs Bud LightNo Alcohol Beyond This PointNow Where DId I Leave It?On Main StreetParade's ComingPark It Where?Resting