Please Be Seated May'23.
I sometimes like to set myself a task, pick a theme and try to find photos to fit. This one is "Sitting".....
These photos were all taken in Southern California & NYC on my latest trip. Twelve in each location.
I have decided not to title them. Usually I take time and effort to title my work but as these are all on the same theme I didn't feel titles were needed.
Slideshow Music: From Rags To Riches by The Blue Nile (edit)
01~Please Be Seated02~Please Be Seated03~Please Be Seated04~Please Be Seated05~Please Be Seated06~Please Be Seated07~Please Be Seated08~Please Be Seated09~Please Be Seated10~Please Be Seated11~Please Be Seated12~Please Be Seated13~Please Be Seated14~Please Be Seated15~Please Be Seated16~Please Be Seated17~Please Be Seated18~Please Be Seated19~Please Be Seated20~Please Be Seated