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The Umbrellas of Manhattan. There was a film The Umbrellas of Cherboug. I can't remember anything about it apart from the title and Catherine Deneuve was in it. This set was taken in New York on a very wet Monday in May'12 and it has no French references and Catherine is not in any of the photos...... But there is an umbrella in every shot.
This set is part of a larger group of photos I took in New York City. Please take a look at the other new NYC sets.
The music for the slide show is Lizard Tooth Eye by Bullitnuts.
I've used music by Bullitnuts for all of these latest NYC sets for three reasons, to help link the different sets, because of the band's links to New York, actually they are from Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire..... and....well I just like their music......
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