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This is a roll, AKA 24, of Black & White taken during Biker Week at Daytona Beach in March’13.
This is a true slice of “Americana”…. and you couldn't make it up…..
There are 3 other smaller sets here on my site, all different photos, showing other sides of this wonderful event. I urge you to look at them all.
Please if this is the first time you are looking at these photos rather than viewing them individually try clicking on the slideshow button, sitting back and, I hope, you will enjoy the “spectacle”……..
The music for this set is Almighty by Little Axe.
Just WatchingCan't Talk... EatingSo Who's First?I Love You ToooooIt's That WayMake In The U.S.AHead To HeadHola Hoop & BeerNo Alcohol Beyond This PointSlow Day AT Mickey Luv'sCheersJo Jo'sWaiting For A LiftHead-Camera Biker StyleParade's ComingStaff At Foggey'sThat's Funny ManTwo On A HarleyHave No Fear....Mr & Mrs Bud Light