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For the 3 days prior to my arrival it was 25C and sunny. The day I arrived it went to 5C with rain and wind.... So whilst the weather was not great the people and the vibrancy of the city made up for the climactic shortcomings. The sun must have showed itself at some point as there are shadows in a few of my pictures but I can't recall seeing much brightness in the sky. Saying all that I had a great time in Chicago. The architecture is amazing and the elevated railway, aka, the El is fantastic for a Street Snapper like me.
Slideshow music: Well to me the Blues and Chicago go hand in hand so for this slideshow I have used Son Of Dave's Old Times Are Good Times.
Tickets PleaseChicago TempleCalling HomeExittingCross TownShelteringTaking the ElCrossingComic LunchIn The RainPlease DrinkWindy CityWashing WindowsWine Is InsideState & Van BurenTextingSittingPassing BySteps From AboveCommuting