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OK so I also had not heard the word "Miamian" before but I am "reliably" informed by Wikipedia that this word is used to describe those that live in Miami, Florida.
This is a roll, AKA 24, taken over a few weeks of early 2013 in various locations within...Yes you've guessed it...Miami. From Little Havana to South Beach and the Designer District and more.......
The music for the slideshow is Forever Broke (Fila Brazillia Remix) by Yoko Kanno
SnoozingTexting In The ShadeThe Masked Dominoes PlayerEcko BikerLeaningRestingWatchingBoarding By The BankVuitton ValetIt's For Your ProtectionBiking ByWhere It Happens !!!Chips ?Up ThereMom & Her ThreeWaittingParking PatrolLotto NumbersWatching TogetherThat's Him