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This is a roll taken over the first 6 months of this year of folk just going about their daily lives in "The City".... I made 2 sets last year on the same theme and I will probable do the same this year so watch this space.......
Update: See the "Londoners" set here on the 2015 gallery, this is the 2nd. City Dwellers under a different name.
Slide show music:
There Are No Right Angles Found In Nature by Eighty Mile Beach.
On A BreakHaving A Quiet ReadBad News MaybeAlmost AloneCoffee At The CaféExpecting Rain SoonFlower TubeIn Or Out?In The GardenIs That To Go?Look LeftPower CoffeeSay CheeseSo Where Is She?The Girls Are WaitingTwo WatchingUnder ConstructionWaiting..Who's Down There?Shopping At Selfridges