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Alone In London.
The pandemic has affected us all in some way. London is a quieter place.
I set myself a project of illustrating through photography the sense of isolation that is more prevalent in the city at the moment. Each of these photos is of just one person in their environment, alone.
All these photos were taken in Central London over a few days mid September'20.
Slideshow music:
lo Cammino The Dining Rooms.
Time To Cross?SoloCaching UpPut Your Hand Up If.....On The Road AgainBig Bike LaneI Don't Believe ItBreakfast TimeIn The CornerSnackingIt's In The BagMultitaskingStay SafeOn A BreakSo Where Are You?The Jeep GuyPlaces To GoTwo Metres It IsWaiting For The Pub To OpenUp Against The Wall