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OK so the "Where & the When" are in the title but what about the "How". A 1970's Leica CL, bought new I may add, and a modern 35mm f2 Cron. I used 3 rolls of Ilford XP2 400 film.
I had forgot how difficult it is now to use film. Not the taking of the photos but the acquiring and processing of the stuff and it's made even more irksome by airport security.
Anyway I think it was worth the effort for the sheer fun I got out of using film again.
At the end there is a snap of the Leica CL with the 35mm f2 Cron loaded.
Slideshow music:
Dan Auerbach's Heartbroken, In Disrepair.
Why? Cos I like it and was listening to Dan's music whilst in San Francisco.
You Want Some?Arriba ArribaWhat???Lots Of StripsThree Wise MenWaiting & WaitingLunch On The GoYou Take My Picture?He's With MeMe I'm In No RushStopWhich Way?Two 501 GuysI'm Leaving The BuildingJust Walking PastCrossing The StreetA Cup Of SmilesHigh SecurityA Quick LunchWelcome...NOT