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Havana December'15.
All these shots were taken during my 8 day trip to Cuba.
It was not a straight forward trip, well it is Cuba, but it did not disappoint.
Many things will be changing now that the USA and Cuba are beginning to talk nicely to each other. My first visit was some years ago and I wanted to revisit before the feel and atmosphere “improved”.....
There are several other sets here on my site all taken during this trip.
Please take a few moments to view them.
Slide Show Music:
Bahama Soul Club's Ay Jona
And Yes I know "Bahama" but I heard this in a bar in Havana Old Town so it works for me. I've used this track for all the sets in this Havana gallery
It's Over ThereI Didn't Do AnythingThirsty?He's Watching HerShaft Of LightJust Watching OutHello Is There Anyone ThereStreet GameGot Any Carrots?That's Cake To GoUp Stairs?So Do You Get The Point?Hey...Cuba LibreSo Flag ThatEggs On The WayShadow CountingOK, OK I'm Sorry....Don't Look Behind YouSchool's OutCatching A Combi Taxi Home