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The “Best” of 2018 ....
It's that time of the year again.
This is a roll, 36 photos, of the most clicked on photos from my site taken during 2018.
I have an app that can work all this out for me taking into account the time the photos have been on show here.
Remember this is your selection not mine and BTW they are displayed in alphabetical order not by popularity.
I'll leave this set here for awhile until I've added more new work taken in 2019.
Slideshow music:
Laurie Anderson's

Born, Never Asked.
A Late Game On Laguna BeachAloneAlone TogetherAnd It's Good To See You TooBaskingBrickell CentreBenchedCatching UpGetting OffI'm At My DeskCatching Up At Camden TubeI'm On The 3rd FloorHanging OnI'm With HimIt's Quicker By BikeKeeping WatchLooking Into The Winter SunMulti TaskingNocturnal CheckmateOn Marylebone High Street